Monday, October 29, 2012

When Life Gives you Lemons...

Hi everyone,

It's been awhile since I posted. I had a blast at Romanticon 2012 (I'll post about it soon) in early October but when I arrived home I was fired from my job. It sucks, but I'm trying to deal with it. The one nice thing is that while I'm applying for unemployment and trying to handle my changed circumstances I have to opportunity to write full time and I'm attempting to do just that.

Just before I left for Romanticon, I submitted a story to my EC editor. I'm happy to say I got a bit of good news. They accepted it and my signed contract is winging its way to the EC offices as we speak. I'm thrilled they liked it and I hope my readers will like it too.

Here's the blurb for my upcoming release, Leader of the Pack:

Surgeon Dr. Per Goldwolf needs a mate to make partner in a prestigious practice.—a matchmaking service for shapeshifters—not only finds him a mate, they match him with his True Mate. Yohana’s long legs and fair flesh make him lick his lips and her scent makes him rock hard

New packleader Yohana Whitewolf’s life goal is to follow in her sire’s pawprints and lead her pack. Leadership demands sacrifices. To calm her people, Yohana needs a mate. But finding an Alpha male who won’t take over is a tall order. Yohana didn’t want the complication of a True Mate, but Per is a sexy, intelligent Alpha male and she wants to shred his clothes every time she touches him

Everything should be perfect—except she’s a packleader— and the Whitewolf pack is nervous. 

* * * 

Additionally, I hope to take a bit more time to blog. And this week, in honor of Halloween, I have some exciting guests for you. On Tuesday, I'll feature an interview with Cat Sinclair who is a real live psychic! On Wednesday, I will be interviewing Darcie McGrath who teaches Paranormal Studies at Kirkwood Community College and heads up a ghosthunting team, Quantum Psi Group.

So I've decided that even though I've been handed some lemons in my life right now. It's time to use those lemons to make some highly tasty lemonade!

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  1. Sorry you lost your job, Francesca, but congrats on your new book sale, it sounds awesome! Email me any time.