Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Piercing the Veil with Cat Sinclair!

Today, I want to introduce all of you to my friend, Cat Sinclair. She is psychic. Oh, yes she is. Be skeptical if you wish, but I've seen her in action and I know she's the real deal. Cat is funny, smart and totally cool.

Here's her bio so you can decide for yourself.:

I was born a poor black child...Okay, seriously, I was born and raised in Iowa. I grew up with great parents in a loving family. I have been actively practicing my psychic abilities for the past 5 years, but I have always been a psychic--just not practicing. I live with 4 wonderful cats and an assortment of outside entities in the form of stray and wild animals who are attracted to my home, and I feed them all. My website is www.catsnjammies.com and it is a work in progress. I offer Oracle card readings through email, or in person, and I am an active consultant in several paranormal groups. My journey through this incarnation has not been easy, but it has made me stronger, and I learn from all my mistakes.

I had the chance to interview Cat and here are her responses. Please feel free to ask questions in the comments section. Cat has a web site http://www.catsnjammies.com/ . She does wonderful readings, so if you're interested contact her for one.

Thanks for being here today, Cat. Let's get on with the questions!

How old were you when you realized you had psychic abilities?

I have always kind of known I was sensing things that others didn't, but after my grampa died when I was in 6th grade or so, he appeared to me one night.  That is when I knew for sure I had a gift.

How would you describe your talents? What do you do?

My talents lie in being able to connect with earth-bound spirits, being able to cross said earthbounds, and communicating with those who come in visitation. Visitation means they have crossed over, but choose to come back to this plane for a visit. I also connect with Angels and my guides. What I do is meditate, and just mentally open the lines of communication. I do Oracle card readings, and I am a consultant for a few paranormal research teams.

I know you do card readings for people. What is the process and how does it work?

When I do a reading, I meditate a bit, connect with my spirits and guides, and then ask for their assistance to connect with the angels and guides of the person I am doing the reading for. Sometimes I am allowed to directly connect with that person's Angels or guides, and sometimes I get the messages through my guides. At that point I begin drawing the cards, and then listening to what the guides say is the message from that card. Sometimes it is very specific, other times it is just a hint.

They NEVER give me intimate details, and they give me just enough info to let the person know what they want them to know. For example, if I get a card that points to a conflict, I get something like "This pertains to a family member you are having a disagreement with and it speaks to you being the bigger person and forgiving" I don't get "Cousin Billy said you are an a** and you need to lighten up. Billy is instead the a** and you just keep on rocking sista". They don't give me details that specific.

In addition to being a psychic, you participate in ghost hunting activities. What is your role in an investigation?

I am a consultant for several paranormal teams. My role is to go into a location and let the team members know what I am sensing, and see if I can connect to a spirit. Sometimes people need to have a spirit crossed over (sometimes forcibly) and sometimes it is a spirit that isn't aware it is deceased. Spirits of children always tug at my heart, and I don't wait for permission to cross them if they are ready to go. I have done a couple of "mass" crossings (where several spirits in one location went to the light) but those really drain me, so I try hard to limit those events. And as a psychic, I too enjoy validation, so I have my voice recorder and my camera, and the groups equipment to validate the information I am getting. It's not that I doubt they are there, but I don't always get the direct or strong connections I would like and sometimes the messages aren't clear to me. No psychic is 100% all the time, and if they claim to be, they are a liar.

Have you ever encountered really nasty spirits and how did you deal with them?

I have indeed encountered some quite nasty spirits. I spend time shielding myself before any encounter, and I can strengthen my shields if I feel threatened. I deal with nasties by asking for help from my Angels and guides to cross them over, and then I call on anything on the other side to help pull them across. Earthbound spirits NEED to cross over to evolve. I have encountered earthbound killers who are afraid of judgement on the other side, others who enjoy feeding off of the pain and fear of the living, and (rarely) some who want to cross, but don't know how. If they were human I can make them go. I do NOT deal with the demonic, but I do have connections to people who do.

Is it true that spirits are more active around Samhain/Halloween? Or is that just a myth?

It is true that the energy is greater during Samhain/Halloween, but ghosts are active anytime. And contrary to popular belief they are not around just at night. Ghosts are active whenever they want to be. I can get as much activity during the day as at night, but for whatever reason, we humans tend to be more aware of ghosts during the night, I suspect it is because we quiet down and start to notice things better. I do know many mediums who can connect with those who have crossed much better around this time of year, but earthbounds are here all the time. They're stuck.

What are the biggest misconceptions about psychics? Are any of them mega pet peeves for you?

I think the biggest misconception is that we can predict the future accurately. I always say the future is too fluid, and there are too many variables. My second pet peeve is those who think I can read their minds. Dammit, I'm a psychic not a mind reader! :-) 

Thanks to Cat Sinclair for visiting my blog today. Post if you have questions about what a psychic does or about investigating spirits. Remember...paranormal research and investigator, Darcie McGrath will  be my guest tomorrow!


  1. Cat - thanks so much for being here today! But then you already knew that. Wait. You're not a mindreader - so thanks for being here today. Grin and wink. LOL You're a cool person and I'm glad to know you!

    1. Aw sweetie, I am just as glad to know you, and I am always happy to help you out. You totally rock and I am so glad we're friends. Love ya sista!

  2. Great interview. You have a fascinating gift.

  3. Cat,

    I truly believe in psychics. I have a strong connection to the spirit world too. I lost my husband last year unexpectedly and it has been so hard. He has come to me in spirit. He is my soul mate. I miss and love him dearly. Thank you for all the great info


    1. I am sorry for your loss. I think a lot of people have connections, some just don't apply their gifts. Like any skill, if you don't use it you lose it. Carry a healthy skepticism at all times though. There are a lot who profess more than they can deliver. Thanks for your kind words. Blessings to you.

  4. Hi Cat and Francesca,

    Sorry to be so late here but sometimes work gets in the way. Loved the interview.

    Cat, do you deal only in people or do you ever get impressions or connections from animals who've passed?

    1. I do sometimes connect with animals, but not as often as one would think with my love for animals. It is usually just an impression though, not real communication.

  5. Great interview. I really liked Cat's answers. They reinforced some of what I know. :)


  6. Maggie and Jacki, thanks for stopping by today!

  7. Fascinating interview! What a wonderful gift you have, Cat.