Thursday, April 29, 2010

RT Pics

Me and Mary Janice Davidson

Hi Everyone,
So I'm at RT this week. Today was Wednesday and I'm posting before heading to bed. I had a wonderful, fun day. I attended a great panel about paranormal romance which included Mary Janice Davidson. I had a total fan grrl moment (see above). I also went to a couple of Publishers spotlights (EC, Samhain, Total E-bound, and Resplendence). They were informative and interesting. I had a pic taken with the Mr. Romance contestants and tonight was the EC party. A full round day.

MA Ellis
Paris Brandon

Cris Anson

Me with Lora Leigh

Surrounded by Cavemen!

Can you tell I had a fabulous time? I did! I'll try to upload more pics tomorrow. Going to bed now - waaaaay late. Have a great night!

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