Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm a Passionate Plume DOUBLE Finalist!

Passionate Ink’s 5th Annual The Passionate Plume Contest for Published Authors
The only published, all erotic romance award in RWA!

Five Sizzling Finalists in Five Categories:

(Two categories ended with a tie, resulting in six finalists for the Contemporary and Paranormal / Time Travel categories.)

Jenna Bayley-Burke* – Compromising Positions
Jianne Carlo* – A Paratrooper in A Pear Tree
Kelly Jamieson* – Rigger
Opal Carew* – SECRET TIES
Opal Carew* – SIX
Qwillia Rain* – Diablo Blanco Club

Emma Wildes – Can’t Say No
Debra Glass* – Bad Kitty
Debra Glass* – Bought and Paid For
Francesca Hawley* – Seeking Truth
Kate Pearce* – Simply Wicked

Futuristic /Sci Fi/Fantasy
Allyson James – Calder
Anna Leigh Keaton* – Once Upon a Time… Midnight Hour
Anna Leigh Keaton* – Woodland Magic – Fated
Jory Strong* – Fallon Mates
Michelle Polaris* – Bound Odyssey

Paranormal / Time Travel
Allyson James – Mortal Seductions
Allyson James – Mortal Temptations
Anna Leigh Keaton* – Time and Again
Dana Marie Bell* – Dare to Believe
Francesca Hawley* – Protect and Defend
Sharon Page* – Blood Deep

Anna Leigh Keaton* – Inferno
Jayne Rylon – Phoenix Incantation
Liza James* – Hot For Teacher
Madelynne Ellis* – Pure Folly
Sherry James – Eight Seconds (Flavors of Ecstasy Anthology Vol. 3)

* indicates the author is a member of the Passionate Ink Chapter

**If you have any questions, email Karen at

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