Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wednesday is the BIG day!

Well, tomorrow is release day for my new novella Whirlwind Affair. I'm really excited and so ready to see it available on EC's front page. When I wrote the story, I fell in love with Rodrigo Torbellino. He was hawt with dark eyes and a sexy accent. I was a bit jealous that Erika had the opportunity to fulfill her fantasies with Rigo. But now that the story is complete, I'm happy for Erika because she deserves a man who loves her with the passion Rigo feels for her. Passion and acceptance and that's what we all want to find in our soulmate. A man who loves us...accepts us...completes us. So I hope you enjoy Erika and Rigo's story. I really loved writing it and I loved my characters too.

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