Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hanging with the Cops

I attended my first class in the Citizen's Police Academy. It was pretty cool. Chief of Police introduced himself and welcomed us to class. Two Lieutenants were our instructors and they will be running the session. Last night was a LOT of sitting and listening, not too much activity. Looking at our schedule though, I think that's going to change RIGHT away.

Last night we toured the police department and one of the on duty officers brought his squad car to the parking lot and explained about what kinds of things were in the car etc. We may even get to DRIVE one of these puppies later on. And yes, boys and girls, run for the hills. Class three will take us to the firing range and I'm gonna shoot a gun. I don't know if I'll be brave enough to take a whack at the shotgun, but I'm definitely gonna give the revolver a shot. (Pun TOTALLY intended!)

This is going to be such GREAT research for my writing! Not only will I learn tons of stuff, but I'm going to make contacts with officers that I can call on to ask questions of later. I'll keep you posted on developments as they occur. ;-)

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