Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome to 2014 - plans for the new year!

Happy New Year to everyone! 

2013 was a bit of a rebuilding year for me. I pleased to say I had a new book (Leader of the Pack) at the end of 2012 and another new release (Cupid Rocks) in February of 2013. Since RWA created an erotic romance category this year, I entered Cupid Rocks in the RITA. I'll be really curious to see what scores it gets. I love Joe and Mandy's story and the two of them were so hot together. Plus, how can you not love a rock musician? LOL

The year was full of challenges too. I moved from my old home to a new town in order to start a new job. I've enjoyed getting to know my new community and the people here, but I was so focused on my new job that it had a negative impact on my writing. Of course it didn't help that I fell and broke my arm in August. But I plan to write much more in 2014.

In fact, this year I'm going to venture into indie publishing. I will be releasing a BDSM contemporary erotic romance featuring Andy Larson as the hero. If you read Whirlwind Affair (part of the Red Stilettos series) you might remember him as my heroine, Erika's brother.

Andy is a sugar beet farmer who happens to be a Dom. He's known Karen Eckberg,the heroine, since they were both in high school and he's been crushing on her for nearly as long, but things never worked out for them to get together. Not until now.

I'll share more as I get closer to a release date with the story.

Finally, I've gotten behind with my blog this year too. But I want to jump start it. Toward that end, I plan to blog at least weekly (more if I can manage it) and I will have a number of guests stopping by to share their views of life. I hope you'll stop by often and share your thoughts about what you read. The more the merrier.

This year I'm really grateful. 
For a new job. Good friends. And unlimited opportunities. 
I hope your 2014 is blessed with joy, good health and abundance in all things!

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