Thursday, February 9, 2012

I've Fallen in Love with Josh Lanyon

You should always listen to your critique partner. Or at least I should. I bow to her infinite wisdom. My aforementioned critique partner, Paris Brandon, has been telling me for months…MONTHS…that I should read Josh Lanyon. My reply was always, “I’ve got him on my TBR list. I really do. I’ll get there.”

Well, I finally got there. What does he write? Well, Mr. Lanyon has been writing gay mystery, adventure and romance fiction for over a decade and it shows. Oh wow.

So, I downloaded Josh’s Adrien English mystery series to my Nook Color last week and over the weekend (it was Thursday or Friday night) I opened my first book. It was not the last I opened all weekend. In fact I read all five of the Adrien (with an ‘e’) English series then downloaded the Holmes and Moriarity mystery series too. I finished Somebody Killed His Editor on Sunday night and  All She Wrote on Monday morning. This week I've also read Lone Star, Icecapade and I'm working on This Rough Magic.

Oh. Ma. Gah! They are the best!

Now when I opened the first Adrien book – Fatal Shadows  – I started reading and I groaned. It’s in first person. Generally, I hate reading first person stories. It has nothing to do with an author’s ability or anything else. I just don’t enjoy reading it. I think I finished page one then promptly forgot which “person” the story was being told in. It was that damn good and I was totally hooked.
I loved the voice. I loved the humor. And MAN did I love the characters. I also loved the romance and the sex. Josh writes very hot and deeply emotional stories. So I'm in love with Josh. Well, with his writing anyway. If you've never read a Josh Lanyon book, I highly recommend giving his work a shot. You'll be glad you did.

And you won't have to bow and scrape before your critique partner when she tells you, "I told you so." Yeah, Paris honey. I know you did. Sigh. You were totally right.


  1. I love Josh Lanyon too!! He's a great author! I have a few of his books in print and paperback and I LOVE them! Right now I am reading his book: Man, Oh Man! Writing M/M Fiction for Kinks & Cash and I am learning a lot and really enjoy it!
    Ashley A

  2. I just finished This Darkling Thrush last night. It was really good. Fantasy/alternate reality thing. I've bought Man, Oh Man now too. I may try my hand at m/m romance at some point in the future. At any rate, I sure enjoy reading it. Grin.

  3. I'm not even going to say "I told you so", lol! I've read the AE series twice and I'm now reading "Mexican Heat" a book he did with Laura Baumbach. It's a keeper:)