Saturday, April 2, 2011

Whips and Chains Excite Me

It used to be that women had to pretend not only that they didn't like sex, but that anything kinky was deviant. Well, times have changed (thank goodness). Rihanna recently released a highly sexy, fun, song called S&M with an accompanying video that managed to get her banned from airplay on MTV.

Rihanna is excellent company, because the ORIGINAL bad girl of music videos, Madonna faced her share of censorship too. Erotica, Justify My Love and Human Nature, just to name a few. I really love Madonna. Maybe because she's from my generation, so I get her. I love the way she broke barriers and basically thumbed her nose at the people who claimed she was too racy...too controversial. If not for Madonna, I don't think Rihanna would have had the opportunity to even record S&M (which is a super song). My favorite Madonna video is where she took on the critics directly and called them hypocrits. Enjoy Human Nature.

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