Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day!

I had a three day weekend and I loved it. Not only that, but I got a ton of stuff done! A movie rental business in my town is going out of business (which is sad). A friend mentioned that they were not only selling dvds but the furniture too and they had shelves. Now I have been in need of bookshelves for I don't know how long. I was getting ready to go to Menards for the old college stand-by cinderblocks and wood planks.

I went into the store and most of the units were LONG. But I found one that I think will fit into my house. It's almost 12 feet long and made from sturdy wood. It was $30 dollars. I wrote the check. I have some friends I may be able to bribe with large amounts of food to get the thing home.

So, I started to rearrange my living room space. I am really proud of myself because I got the wall cleared and ready for a long shelf unit. Not only that, but the house is so much tidier (well, mostly). It's still cluttered, but there is now a clear wide path through the mess that is my home. Hey, it's well lived in. Anyway, it really was Labor Day for me. I labored and did a lot of work and I'm pleased with the changes.

I also got a bit of writing done and completed the layout for the PI newsletter. Now I'm just waiting for a couple of incidentals from article authors (bios, etc). Then it will be ready to go out to the members...ON TIME! Wooo Hoooo! Smokin'

I hope you all had an equally productive or utterly relaxing holiday!

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